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Matilda Peppercorn 4_COVER_v2.jpg
The Legend of Matilda Peppercorn, Trinity

Luckier than a cat with nine lives? Not so much. Matilda Peppercorn is on the run, not just from the Hopkins but from the very - err - people she's meant to protect. With her friends in tow, she crosses continents to be mighty in battle, to uncover her 'unknown birth' - and to find out the truth about the legend of Matilda Peppercorn. Hold on to your tail-belts for the conclusion of the mad magical TLOMP mysteries from Jill Marshall.

The Legend of Matilda Peppercorn quartet is also a SWAGG Origin Story. Join Tilly and new friends Jane Blonde, Jack BC and Prince Stein in the first S*W*A*G*G book, Spook.


In printed just-for-you paperback; in ebook for any reader including Kindle,  and now, for the first time ever for Jill Marshall Books,
in gorgeous collectable hardback!

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