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Matilda Peppercorn 3_COVER.jpg
The Legend of Matilda Peppercorn, Questioner

It's full-time boarding at the Runes for Tilly and Mattan, as Tilly gets to grips with being a guardian and has superbly excellent kb training with Judge Savage. But someone special is sick. Stony eyeballs and swivelling heads are threatening Tilly P with death if she can't answer their questions. But this is Matilda Peppercorn - and she's got some questions of her own.

Join Tilly and the gang for magical madness and thrilling adventure in the third book in the series about living legend, Matilda Peppercorn, from best-selling author Jill Marshall.

The TLOMP quartet is also a SWAGG Origin Story. Meet Matilda as she teams up with Blonde, BC and Stein to defend the world from a host of vicious enemies in the first S*W*A*G*G book, Spook.


In printed just-for-you paperback; in ebook for any reader including Kindle,  and now, for the first time ever for Jill Marshall Books,
in gorgeous collectable hardback!

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